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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease with pain and stiffness developing as a result of wear and tear to the joints involved.
In the normal joint the bone surfaces, which meet and rub together, are covered by a thin layer of cartilage - an elastic substance acting as a self-repairing, shock absorbing layer.
Wear and tear, which occurs throughout life, may reach a stage where areas of the cartilage become worn, exposing the underlying bone and leading to pain and/or impaired movement.
Your pet's hips, knees and elbows are the most susceptible joints. In some individuals and in certain breeds, abnormal wear can start quite early in life. This may be the result of an injury, an inherited condition, or follow surgery involving a joint.
Symptoms to look out for include;

Pets are often much more stoic than we are, they seldom complain. If your pet is showing signs of arthritis they may already be in significant discomfort.
A number of treatments are available. Treatment can slow down the progression of the disease and ease the associated pain.
If you are concerned your pet may be suffering with arthritis, contact the practice to arrange an appointment.

• Difficulty in getting up
• Limping or stiffness
• Reluctance to walk or play
• Difficulty in climbing stairs
• Reluctance to jump into the car/onto furniture
• Change in character/aggression
• Reduced interaction with people
• Reduced appetite