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Fixed Price Dental Scale and Polish
Animates offers a special fixed price for your pet to have their teeth cleaned.

The cost includes:
CAT £120

DOG <20kg £150

DOG >20kg £180
Sometimes we discover a tooth that needs to be extracted only when we have removed the tartar covering it. In these cases a charge of £12 for cats and £15 for dogs per tooth will need to be applied as they take time to remove.

If your pet's mouth is particularly bad, for example if there is infection present, multiple damaged or rotten teeth, then this offer will not apply. This is due to the extra medication such as antibiotics and pain relief that will be necessary afterwards. Our intention is that the offer is treate like your own dental hygienist appointments; a chance to remove tartar build up and implement a homecare regime made more effective by starting with sparkling teeth and fresh breath!

After the scale and polish you will be entitled to
10% off the cost of any preventative homecare products bought from us on the day of the scale and polish. or at the post-operative check a week later. We recommend a homecare regime for the same reasons that we brush our teeth; to prevent to build up of plaque and the bacteria that cause bad breath.
A pre-operative blood test to check liver and kidney values
Intravenous fluid therapy(a drip) to protect the internal organs and support blood pressure throughout
A General Anaesthetic
A Scale and Polish.