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Diabetes mellitus is a common condition in dogs, and usually occurs when they are middle aged or older. It is more common in females but can occur in both sexes. If left untreated, complications develop which can eventually be fatal.
The most common signs of diabetes mellitus are:

Less common signs include:

Diabetes mellitus is usually caused because a hormone called insulin is no longer produced or is not effective. Insulin enables sugar (glucose) in the blood to be taken up by body tissues and used to provide them with energy.
Diabetes is diagnosed by testing a blood sample and urine sample, and finding high glucose in both of these.
In dogs, occasionally it is caused because another disease stops the body tissues responding to insulin. If your vet suspects this, they may suggest additional tests.

If you are concerned that your dog is showing any of these symptoms please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment.

• Increase in appetite
• Weight loss
• Increase in thirst and urination

• Urinary Tract Infections
• Loss of sight caused by cataracts
• Vomiting, decreased appetite, depression (potentially an