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Home Visits

Animates do offer home visits as we are aware it is sometimes not possible to bring your pets to the practice. If transportation is an issue we have a pet ambulance which may be used to transport your pet to the surgery.

We also understand it is often nicer for euthanasia to be carried out at home this will be up to you. We will do our best to do it where and when you would prefer. For some this may be a home visit when the whol family can be here or it might mean leaving your pet at the surgery and not staying at all. There is no right or worng choice, it is totally up to you. Sometimes the time and place may be out of your hands. for example if your pet has had surgery and the new is bad, the vet may feel the kindest thing is for them to be put to sleep on the operating table.

Due to appointment commitments home visits need to be arranged with suitable advance notice and at a amutually convenient time. There will be an increased cost for any home visits as they involve two members of staff leaving their normal clinic duties.