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Once your cat has been neutered he or she will be naturally prone to weight gain due to hormonal changes, which cause an increase in appetite and tendency to gain fat rather than muscle. Your cat's eating behaviour will change and its diet should be modified to reflect all of these needs.

After neutering cats tend to eat more whereas their energy requirements actually diminish by over 30%. If the diet is not adapted after neutering your cat will quickly gain weight. This weight gain can lead to obesity.

If your cat becomes obese it may lead to:

• Diabetes
• Liver disorders
• Constipation
• Heart problems
• Joint problems
• Urinary Stones

Overweight cats move around less, get up less often to drink and so urinate less. The urine therefore sits in the bladder, stagnates and creates the ideal conditions for urinary stones.

Males have more difficulty eliminating the crystals due to the narrow penis and therefore are often more severely affected than females.

Urinary stones can completely block the penis resulting in a life-threatening condition.

If you simply reduce the amount of food you give your cat then you are also reducing the nutrients your cat will receive. To help maintain the ideal body weight and maintain a healthy cat, we recommend feeding Royal Canin Neutered Cat, a high protein nutritional food with reduced fat to meet the specific requirements of your cat. This food also contains the S/O index; Royal Canin's new approach to reducing the risk of development of urinary crystals by maintaining the appropriate acidity level within the urine.

Additional benefits of the Neutered Cat diet range include:

Promoting dental health
Hairball control
Promoting a healthy immune system
Promoting digestive system health
Promoting a healthy skin and coat. Many people are concerned that their pet's coat will change after neutering. A good quality diet will ensure that their coat remains in great condition.

Royal Canin provide a range of nutritional foods tailored specifically to a neutered cat's breed, age and health requirements. To assist you in choosing the best Royal Canin Vet-Recommended food for your cat we would be happy to provide an individual assessment of your pet's requirements