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Once your dog has been neutered he or she will naturally be more prone to weight gain due to hormonal changes in the body, which alter the metabolism and cause an increase in appetite. To prevent this weight gain their daily calorie intake should be reduced by approximately 30%.

Failure to prevent weight gain will result in obesity which in turn can lead to:

A shorter life expectancy
Mobility problems
Heart and breathing problems
Increased risk of diabetes
Poor skin and coat quality
Increased blood fats (excessive body fat promotes increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood)
Increased surgical and/or anaesthetic risk

Please remember neutering does not have to result in weight gain and ANY animal will get fat if overfed. If you simply reduce the amount of your dog's normal food you are also reducing the nutrients given. To help maintain the ideal body weight, we recommend feeding Royal Canin Neutered Dog diet as it is balanced to account for the reduction in calories and still contains all the correct nutrients needed to help keep your pet fit and healthy.

This Neutered Dog diet contains Isoflavones which are plant derived compounds that increase your dog's metabolism and help to reduce the increase in appetite. Therefore they help to prevent obesity if fed correctly.

Additional benefits of the Neutered Dog diet range:

Promotes dental health
Helps to prevent urinary stones (particularly in small dogs)
Promotes joint health
Supports renal function
Promotes digestive system health
Promotes a healthy skin and coat. Many people are concerned that their pet's coat will change after neutering. A good quality diet will ensure that their coat remains in great condition.

Royal Canin provide a range of nutritional foods tailored specifically to a neutered dog's breed, age and health requirements. To assist you in choosing the best Royal Canin Vet recommended food for your pet we would be happy to provide an individual assessment of your pet's requirements.