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Repeat Ordering Protocol (Includes Medication Review Consultations)
To Order Food, repeat medications, parasite treatments phone within normal opening hours, or email the appropriate premises.
•our name and address that your pet is registered under
•our pets name and species
•roduct required - Name, size, quantity, strength & dose of medication
•he premises you wish to collect the prescription from
•or medications we also need to know if there are any changes in your pets condition or response to the medication

Thurlby 01778 420462
Market Deeping 01778 380111

If you email the practice, we will send a response so you know we have received your order. If you do not receive acknowledgment within one working day, please phone us to confirm we have received your order.
When your pet’s medical reviews are up to date, requests for repeat prescriptions of medication can be made at reception, in person or by phone. These repeats must be authorised by a veterinary surgeon. Nursing and reception staff are not qualified to authorise prescriptions other than flea and worm preventative treatments. To ensure we have your medication in stock please give us 48 hours
notice for any repeat prescriptions.

Medication review consultations

Both for the welfare of your pet and for legal reasons all animals on long term/ongoing medication will need to have their treatment reviewed on a regular basis by their veterinarian.

This is to evaluate whether
• The medication is giving the desired results.
• The condition being treated has altered or deteriorated.
• Your animal has altered in weight, changing the dosage required.
• Any undesirable side effects are occurring.
• Alternative treatment options have become available or are more suitable.
The time between reviews depends on the animal, the condition being treated and the medications being used. The frequency will be at the vet’s discretion but will be a minimum of every 6 months.

This may seem very frequent but remember our pets have shorter lifespans and age more quickly, so 6 months for your:
Cat is the equivalent to a human having a check-up every two years.

Dog is the equivalent to a human having a check-up every three years.
Failure of a veterinarian to check any animal on long term medication could lead to the veterinary surgeon being convicted in a criminal court. Our legal defence insurers advise that these checks are at a minimum of every 6 months.
There is a standard charge for a re-examination, details of which are available on request.

Prescription parasite treatments
Flea and worm treatments in a healthy animal require annual checks which can usually be included in their annual health check with their yearly vaccination.

Written prescriptions
We are happy to provide written prescriptions for products. We require 48 hours notice to produce these along with the same information as if we were supplying the products.

Returning medications or food
Unfortunately we are unable to credit/refund you for unused medication i.e. with prescription changes or the death of your pet. We cannot guarantee the correct storage of medications outside the practice meaning we cannot resell them. We are happy to safely dispose of your pets’ unused medication on your behalf.
Information required: