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Our Package Includes:

Full Physical Examination

During a 15 minute consultation with a veterinary surgeon your dog will be given a thorough physical examination and you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns that you have about your pet. A blood sample will be taken, urine sample collected and blood pressure measurement taken.

Wellness Blood Screen

This includes basic haematology, full biochemistry and electrolytes, which provides information about liver and kidney function, diabetes, immune health system and nutrition,

Full Urine Profile

A urine sample can be tested to check for urine concentration and chemistry which are very important for interpreting kidney function. Testing urine can also provide information about diabetes, urinary tract infections, urinary crystals and stones and can aid in diagnosis of your dog's condition.

Blood Pressure Measurement

High blood pressure puts a greater strain on the heart and other organs, and can complicate other conditions. High blood pressure can be controlled with tablets and regular monitoring.


Animates have created a senior dog health package to help you monitor your pet's health as they age. The package combines a number of tests to provide an overview of your pet's wellbeing.

All breeds mature at different ages; giant breeds can be considered 'old' at the age of 4 years, small breeds by 10 years of age. As your dog ages, there are changes to their physiology, behaviour and vulnerability to illness. The earlier a problem is detected the better it can be managed, which is likely to improve longevity and quality of life.


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