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What do our qualifications mean?

Veterinary Surgeons
(Navy blue tunics)

Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons - MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeons must be registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in order to practice in the UK and have the initials 'MRCVS' or 'FRCVS' after their names.
The title 'Veterinary Surgeon' is protected in law and only those registered with the RCVS can use the title.
All RCVS-registered Veterinary Surgeons have achieved an educational qualification that meets the RCVS registration requirements. In addition, they agree to abide by the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons and commit to keeping their skills and knowledge up to date, by means of continuing professional development (CPD).
Examples of university degrees that meet the RCVS standard registration requirements for Veterinary Surgeons are BVSc, BVetMed, BVM&S, DVM, MvDr, VetMB.

Further learning & Skill Development
Veterinary Surgeons have the responsibility to ensure that they maintain and develop their knowledge and skills relevant to their professional practice and competence. The recommended minimum CPD is 105 hours over a rolling three year period, with an average of 35 hours per year.
Most Veterinary Surgeons will have interests in certain fields, which means that they particularly enjoy a certain aspect of the job, and therefore have greater skills in this area compared to the average Veterinary Surgeon.
At Animates not only do we strongly value continuing education, to remain updated, we also encourage obtaining advanced qualifications. This enables us to be excellent general practitioners with a higher level of expertise in our particular areas of interest

Several Vets at Animates have special interests:
  • Sarah Pellet - Exotics
  • Rebecca Kuttel - Opthalmology, Soft Tissue Surgery, Endoscopy, Acupuncture/Pain Management
  • Tom Von den Busch - Ultrasonography, Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery, Cardiology
  • Katherine Wynn-Owen - Emergency & Critical Care, Medicine, Ultrasonography
  • Anita Bajuka - Exotics
Recognised postgraduate Certificates (Equivalent of a Masters level of Qualification) and RCVS Recognised Advanced Practioner Status
A limited number of Vets go on to study for recognised postgraduate certificates in their area of special interest. To achieve a post graduate certificate requires further learning, study and exams in a particular field. Once Vets receive their Certificate they can choose to apply to be recognised as an Advanced Practicitioner.

The following vets have certificates equivalent of a masters level:
  • Sarah Pellet: Exotics MRCVS CertAVP (ZooMed)
  • Katherine Wynn-Owen: Emergency and Critical Care PGCertSAECC Recognised as an RCVS Advanced Practitioner
The following vets are currently working towards certificates:
  • Rebecca Kuttel: Opthalmology
The following vets are registered to start a certificate in 2017
  • Tom Von den Busch: Small Animal Surgery
Diploma (Required to achieve RCVS Specialist Status)
A Diploma is the next level of qualification. To achieve a diploma requires submitting a thesis on new research, publishing regularly and sitting an extensive set of examinations, both written and oral.
Once a Vet has achieved Diploma level they can be included in the RCVS list of recognised specialists if they can demonstrate their active contribution to their specialty, have national and international acclaim and publish widely in their field. An RCVS Specialist must also be available for referral by other veterinary colleagues.

The following vet has achieved a diploma and is included on the list of RCVS recognised specialists:
  • Sarah Pellet: Zoological and Wildlife medicine - DZM
Registered Veterinary Nurses - RVN
(Bright blue tunics)

The title 'Veterinary Nurse', and the letters 'RVN', can only be used by individuals who have successfully completed an approved Veterinary Nurse training course and are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).
All RCVS-registered veterinary nurses have achieved an educational qualification that meets the RCVS registration requirements. In addition, they agree to abide by the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Nurses and commit to keeping their skills and knowledge up to date, by means of continuing professional development.
The following are registered veterinary nurses at Animates:
  • Sara Dench
  • Kelly Cappitt
  • Kirsty Smith - Advanced Diploma
  • Annabelle Gharibi
  • Hannah Parrott
  • Katie Davey
  • Rochelle Hudnott
  • Hannah Morgan
  • Suzanne Reynold-Warnes
  • Anna Sworder
  • Alice Rushmer
  • Caroline Blake
  • Emma Brocklehurst
  • Helle Dahl Pausgaard
  • Katie Day
  • Natalie Mostowyj
Like vets, Registered Veterinary Nurses can go on to do further qualifications including certificates and diplomas. The following nurses have achieved further qualifications:
  • Kirsty Smith: Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing. DipAVN (small animal) and a Degree in Clinical Veterinary Nursing BSc(Hons)
  • Sara Dench: Certificate in Veterinary Nursing Emergency and Critical Care - CertVNECC
  • Suzanne Reynold-Warnes: ISFM certificate in feline nursing - ISFMCertFN
Student Veterinary Nurses
(Blue striped tunics)

Student Veterinary Nurses are those enrolled with the RCVS for the purpose of training at an approved practice.
We currently have 5 Student Veterinary Nurses:
  • Alice Gibbons
  • Laura Stone
  • Rebecca Featherstone
  • Sammy Keetley
  • Sam Thompson
Kennel Assistants
(Pale blue tunics)

Kennel Assistants are members of staff who assist with providing animal care. They are not enrolled on a course to obtain a qualification recognised by the RCVS. They may have, or may be undertaking, other animal care qualification but can not be called any form of veterinary nurse.

Receptionists and Administrators
(Black tunics)

Our front of house reception team are our clients first port of call. They will help with appointments, repeat orders, and any other queries.
Our administration team help ensure things run smoothly behind the scenes.